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  -   95 YARG-95 is a herbal product, whose tea is extremely effective in coping with the renal crisis, as well as quick excretion of the stone, which caused the crisis.

   My basic arguments to register YARG-95 as a remedy are:

  • In cases, when the whole range of remedies for treatment of renal crisis has been applied without any result, YARG-95 helps the renal crisis to stop and the kidney stone, which caused the crisis, to be excreted.

  • 80% of the ingredients for production of remedies in our country are imported, while the medicinal herbs, which are used as ingredients of YARG-95, are few in number and they are widespread in the country.

  • In case of a renal crisis on the right side and in case of an acute appendicitis the symptoms are often the same and sometimes in case of a renal crisis the appendicitis is removed. Only a few minutes after the use of YARG-95 it becomes clear whether we have a case of a renal crisis or an acute appendicitis.

   More than 20 years were necessary for YARG-95 to receive a Patent for invention /No. 62385/08.12.1999/. I wonder how many years will pass before its production starts? One way or another YARG-95 is a fact and if its production does not start in Bulgaria, I am sure that sooner or later it will be imported from abroad. I have something in my hands that is hot, which can help thousands of people.