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   The enuresis seems a harmless disease but it drives to serious effects. It is known as night wetting and it is usually considered as typical for children, but there should be born in mind that it often occurs to adults, too. The enuresis becomes a real trouble for them; they hide it because it can turn into an obstacle in life. Most of these troubles and human tragedies can be avoided because enuresis can be cured.


  In the course of treatment of night wetting of children, it is determined that approximately 20-30% of them suffer from renal diseases; for adults this percentage rises to 60-70%, as renal diseases are not found even after many examinations. In these cases parents and patients feel grateful not only because the wetting has stopped, but mostly because the renal disease has been found and cured in time. This does not mean that all people who suffer from enuresis have renal diseases. People suffering from this disease come to me after many unsuccessful tries to find cure by means of traditional and non-traditional medicine.

   There is no particular remedy on a world scale, which can cure enuresis. I do not want to declare myself a genius, but the method of treatment I have been applying for over 25 years has a proven effectiveness and, besides, without any recurrence of the disease. It is a treatment with herbs combined with a specific way of feeding and life style, as for each case the treatment is strictly individual. A very important fact is that there is no case in my practice of a medicine-man, when a patient has started wetting again, once being cured by me.


   A. L. 16 years old girl, town of Lom. After three unsuccessful operations of a bilateral reflux, bacteria in the urine and night wetting, A. L. is desperate.
   After the herbal treatment she underwent the control tests show that the kidneys function normally, there are no bacteria, the night wetting is only a memory.