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 Sand and stones in the kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder. Pyelonephritis.
 Chronic Renal Insufficiency.
Methods for prevention of stone formation in kidneys


   People suffering from renal diseases must be aware of the following: a stone in the kidney in the most serious cases can be operated or it can be broken by means of lithotripsy, while pyelonephritis cannot be operated, it must be cured in time, otherwise it ruins the kidney. Furthermore, if a small stone is found in the kidney, it must be attacked immediately because a small stone after a certain period of time becomes big, then an operation follows, and sometimes it drives to the kidney removal.

Renal crisis  

   Renal crisis causes feeling of pain, which is one the strongest in the human pathology. In principle, the treatment of a renal crisis is the same as it was 150 years ago. The difference is that now we have more remedies, among which there are antispasmodic and analgesic remedies for basic  treatment so that the pain is relieved. I am professionally challenged by the so called knotty cases, i.e. cases, in which the patients have been treated several times but without result, and after that they have sought my help. Maybe YARG-95 was born, because the kidney stones were a particular provocation for me. Coping with the strongest pain brings an incredible professional satisfaction.


YARG-95 is a herbal product, whose tea is extremely effective in coping with the renal crisis, as well as quick excretion of the stone, which caused the crisis.

 My basic arguments to register YARG-95 as a remedy are:

 - In cases, when the whole range of remedies for treatment of renal crisis has been applied without any result, YARG-95 helps the renal crisis to stop and the kidney stone, which caused the crisis, to be excreted.

- 80% of the ingredients for production of remedies in our country are imported, while the medicinal herbs, which are used as ingredients of YARG-95, are few in number and they are widespread in the country.

- In case of a renal crisis on the right side and in case of an acute appendicitis the symptoms are often the same and sometimes in case of a renal crisis the appendicitis is removed. Only a few minutes after the use of YARG-95 it becomes clear whether we have a case of a renal crisis or an acute appendicitis.

   More than 20 years were necessary for YARG-95 to receive a Patent for invention /No. 62385/08.12.1999/. I wonder how many years will pass before its production starts? One way or another YARG-95 is a fact and if its production does not start in Bulgaria, I am sure that sooner or later it will be imported from abroad. I have something in my hands that is hot, which can help thousands of people.


Methods for prevention of stone formation in the kidneys

   There is no a remedy in the world, which can stop the formation of stones in the kidneys. Once the organism has started their formation, the process cannot be diverted. Evidence of that are patients, who are operated several times for stones in the kidneys. This is where the methodology of the Hosanna medicine-man works. It is highly efficient but unfortunately, it is little known. After an operation of a kidney stone, after lithotripsy of a kidney stone, after a successful treatment of a kidney stone with herbs, after the application of this technique, the problem with stones in the kidneys is resolved once and for all.



   K. S. from Sofiya There was found a stone in the left ureter with size 20/13 mm. The medical specialists explicitly recommend surgery.
   After two months of herbal treatment, the man excreted the stone of 20/13 mm. Incredible but true.

   P. Z. from the town of Pazardzhik The child underwent a surgery for removal of stones from the left kidney at the age of 12 months. Only after 6 months there was found a stone in the left ureter with size 18/6 mm. The medical specialists from Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Sofia explicitly recommend surgery.
   After three months of herbal treatment, the child excreted the stone of 18/6 mm. Incredible but true.

   S. K. town of Troyan The renal crisis was put under control after the third dose of the YARG-95 herb tea was drunk. Two stones were excreted.
   Y. R. town of Plovdiv Having a renal crisis for 10 days. The urine is bloody and cloudy.
   After the intake of the first 250 ml of YARG-95 herb tea the pain stopped. A stone was excreted, the urine was cleared.