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The herbs


   More and more countries in the world orient towards the use of herbs as a main source for the production of remedies, because of the increasing negative reactions of the human organism to the artificial chemical substances, mostly allergic reactions, harmful side effects.

   The medicinal herbs in some cases have particular priorities over the use of strong and effective drugs. Considering the fact that the bioactive substances produced in the plants result from the process of exchange of substances in the live organism, a significant part of those products are involved more naturally in the biochemical and other vital processes of the human organism, compared to the synthetic drugs, which are chemically alien to the organism.

   The statement of official medicine that the herbs might be used only as auxiliary remedies is absolutely wrong. I would like to clearly state, and I have proven, that the herbal treatment of some diseases, such as renal and lung disorders, enuresis, is successfully applied as a remedy.

   The magic of herbal treatment is not only to know the characteristics of the herbs, but also to know exactly in what combination and in what quantity ratio to use them in order to beat the disease.

   In times when a great part of the people have moved away from the natural way of living, in times when dangerous diseases attack us because of improper way of life, we should rediscover the herbs, which nature have generously given us as a gift, especially we, the Bulgarians. A wise Bulgarian proverb says: There is a herb for each pain.