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 Lung diseases

   In the autumn and winter seasons the children often catch cold and bronchitis. Those diseases are mostly treated by antibiotics, which are very strong. It is an established practice to prescribe more and stronger drugs in order to avoid possible complications. Having our natural pharmacy, rich of herbs, which are extremely effective for diseases of the respiratory system, the use of antibiotics in the initial stage of a disease, especially for children, is unwise.

   The herbal product ANB, which is popular as the herb tea of the Hisarya medicine-man, has been known for a long time as an effective cure of those diseases. It is a herbal mixture, the herb tea of which is extremely effective in case of cold, flu, and cough. The primary intent of the herbal treatment is to cause sweating, dilution and easier excretion of the sputa, soothing and stopping of the cough, a favorable effect on the inflammatory process and mostly increase in the immunity of the human organism.


   In case of a spastic bronchitis or bronchial asthma of children, treated for years by antibiotics, the herb tea of the Hisarya medicine-man makes miracles. The methodology for children, grown up without antibiotics, have been established exactly on the basis of the herbal product ÀÍÁ. This is a miracle, because there is no greater happiness for a family than their children to grow up healthy. There is no greater punishment for a mother than to have a sick child.



   P. Ch. 7 years old, town of Svishtov. The child has been suffering from spastic bronchitis since it was a baby. It has been treated many times with antibiotics without having a significant improvement. After the child underwent a herbal treatment, it felt much better. The cough stopped, no spasms are observed, the snoring and heavy breathing during sleep disappeared.